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  • How to place the sticker on my wall ?
    Always start from the whale's mouth, in the left corner. Really slowly and carefuly, slide the sticker page to the right. Flatten it progressively with your hand to avoid imperfections.
  • Are the stickers removable, without damaging the wall ?"
    Yes, you can remove easily the sticker without damaging your wall. You just have to remove it slowly and carefuly, starting from one of its extremities.
  • Are the stickers re-usable ?
    Unfortunately not, it can not be re-used.
  • What about the packaging ?
    Stickers are gently rolled into a customized carton tube shape and then wrapped in plastic before to be send.
  • What about the shipment policy
    We ship worldwild, and the shipment price is calculated according to your location. Your package might arrive within 2-3 weeks and will depend on your location. We are not responsible for any aditional duties, custom fees or taxes that may accompany international shipments.
  • Can I return my shipment ?
    Sorry, we do not accept returns.
  • Can I be refundable ?
    After you bought a sticker, we can not refund you the money, unless it arrives damaged or defective.
  • The sticker can be placed on any kind of wall ?
    Please be aware that some paints have a stain-blocker or mildew resistant additive in them that makes it very difficult for the vinyl to adhere well. The same is true for flat or matte finish paints. Please check your paint before ordering to make sure it is not on the "Paint's black list. ;)
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